192.168.l.l –

What is 192.168.l.l ?

The IP 192.168. l. l ( used to access the system administration of our modem / router, from which we can customize it and adapt it to our needs.

What can be done from the admin panel?

By means of the control panel you can do activities such as change your web password or wpa, change the name (SSID), open ports to certain devices, see the LAN, block devices, turn off the wifi and the WPS, change the username and password to access the panel management, etc…

How do I enter the admin panel?

Follow these steps to enter the admin panel of your modem:

  1.  Enter the URL ( 192.168.l.l )


  1. Therein will be shown a form for entering 2 data: username and password, this can vary depending on the make and model of the router but usually the user is admin and password is the key to web or wpa or white, to be more insurance this can check the part back in your router, because here it comes one calca with this information.
  2. Once in the structure and design can vary depending on the router, but is usually divided into 4 sessions (Configuration WLAN, Firewall, LAN, other)

Forgot the password?

If you’ve already personalized password and now do not remember it, with a click it stings the reset button of the router which usually comes on the back of the router, as shown in this image:




Is it difficult to scroll through the admin panel?

Depends on the modem or router, usually are very simple and friendly interfaces with the users options that specify each process, but if it is recommended to learn the technical language of networks, to make more simple process.

What are the data by default?

It tends to change this information in each modem / router, but here are some suggestions.

User = TELMEX, admin, administrator, own

Password = “”, admin, WEB key, WPA key, TELMEX, administrator

To have information more accurate as well mentioned back, you can check the back of the modem / router to see information about the management panel, check the manual or even on 192.168.l.l – to search for information.

If you would like to know which is the gateway?

The gateway default the default is the IP address of the router, you can check it entering the Windows CMD and typing the ipconfig command. The CMD you can search for it in the Windows Start menu or by running (R button + key Windows and then type cmd).

How to guarantee access to the router secure?

To ensure that you have access to your router you should make the process from a computer and that it is connected via cable directly to the modem. This clarify it because in many cases they perform site tests with equipment connected via Wi-Fi and sometimes even make it from a PC.

Notice: IP addresses are made up only of numbers and points is the correct 192.168.l.l does not exist, we handle it well because it is a mistake frequently committed by people and sometimes takes hours to realize simple error, why put this warning to avoid a broken head 😉